fence wedgie

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fence wedgie

Urban Dictionary: wedgie
Introducing Norman, Kimmykim and Frutrons annoying neighbor who can never get your name right but he means well. AND PREPARE for the WEDGIEST WEDGIE EPISODE YET! with

wedgie - Japan on Top
A wedgie (also known as a "snuggie" or "gotch pull") is the condition of having one's underwear or other garments "wedged" between the buttocks. Undergarments are

A wedgie is a schoolyard prank in which one person grabs the back of the waistband of another person's underwear, while he or she is still wearing
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fence wedgie

wedgie - YouTube

Uploaded by harrisoal on Jul 13, 2008 asdas Category: Film & Animation License: Standard YouTube License. 109 likes, 23 dislikes.
Wedgie Girl - World News

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